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When you want to go further, a lightweight paddle makes all the difference. This fully adjustable carbon shaft and blade weighs in at only 650 grams.

The carbon fiber in this paddle is 3K Twill. This means that there are 3000 filaments of carbon per strand, and the carbon is weaved in a twill pattern which is attractive and strong.

Best Quality Materials

Real bamboo. 1 mm thick. Industry leading.
Heat embossed diamond grooved deck pad by 3M to reduce board weight.
Embedded SUP handle for easy transport.
Three dimensional fiberglass for a thicker impact resistant outer skin with increased overall hull strength.
Environmentally friendly epoxy resin with 31% biological content (ASTM D6866 test).
Standing layer of reinforced glass under the deck for additional support.
Premium kiln dried bamboo veneer.
Water based automotive quality paint.
FCS leash attachments and fin boxes.

High Quality Construction

Sandwich construction method.
Vacuum bagging to reduce the amount of epoxy and lighten the board.
Extra layer of fiberglass along the rails for extra stiffness which guards against snapping if the board nose dives.
Computerized machine shaping for consistent exact shaping every time.
Followed by hand shaping for perfection.
Fin boxes and SUP handle are set in high density foam blocks for added strength.
Experienced craftsmen (9.5 yrs on average).


Weight: 1.43 lbs / 650 grams
Full carbon shaft
3K carbon fiber blade covered in real bamboo veneer
Teardrop blade shape.
Fully adjustable to suit paddlers with different heights and stroke styles.
Minimum shaft length 180 cm or 70�"
Maximum shaft length 230 cm or 90�"
Blade Dimensions: 20.5 x 49 cm or 8.1" x 19.3"

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