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A Camera in the Garden of Eden

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A User's Guide to the View Camera

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A User's Guide to the View Camera: Third Edition

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Acting for the Camera: Back to One

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Audio for Single Camera Operation

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Basic Betacam Camerawork

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Big Camera / Little Camera

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Building Earth Observation Cameras

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Camera & Craft: Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography: (The Digital Imaging Masters Series)

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Camera Aloft: Edward Steichen in the Great War

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Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators

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Camera Constructs

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Camera Constructs: Photography, Architecture and the Modern City

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Camera Graeca: Photographs, Narratives, Materialities

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Camera Orientalis

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Camera Power

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Camera Trapping for Wildlife Research

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Cameralism and the Enlightenment

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Caught on Camera

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Chronicle of a Camera

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Cinema Raw: Shooting and Color Grading with the Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras

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Color Management & Quality Output: Working with Color from Camera to Display to Print: (The Digital Imaging...

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Contemporary Congress : A Bicameral Approach

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Contemporary Film and Economics: Lights! Camera! Econ!

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Cops, Cameras, and Crisis

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Cosmopolitics of the Camera

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Dark Energy Hitchcock's Absolute Camera and the Physics of Cinematic Spacetime

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Darwin's Camera Art and Photography in the Theory of Evolution

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Depression Glass: Documentary Photography and the Medium of the Camera-Eye in Charles Reznikoff, George...

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Digital Camera Processing Pipeline