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(Mis)Understanding Political Participation

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(Mis)Understanding Political Participation: Digital Practices, New Forms of Participation and the Renewal...

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(Re)defining Success in Language Learning Positioning, Participation and Young Emergent Bilinguals at...

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A Clinical Guide to Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases

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A Clinical Guide to Surface Palpation

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A Creative Philosophy of Anticipation

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A Guide to the Formulation of Plans and Goals in Occupational Therapy

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A History of Participation in Museums and Archives

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A History of Slavery and Emancipation in Iran, 1800-1929

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A Progressive Occupation? The Gallieni-Lyautey Method and Colonial Pacification in Tonkin and Madagascar,...

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A Stage of Emancipation Change and Progress at the Dublin Gate Theatre

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A Survey System to Assess Abuse and Misconduct Toward Air Force Students in Occupational Specialty Training

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Absolute Monarchy on the Frontiers Louis XIV's Military Occupations of Lorraine and Savoy

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Access and Expansion Post-Massification: Opportunities and Barriers to Further Growth in Higher Education...

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Accounting and Emancipation: Some Critical Interventions

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Achieving Open Justice through Citizen Participation and Transparency

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Action Research for Inclusive Education: Participation and Democracy in Teaching and Learning

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Activism in the Public Sphere: Exploring the Discourse of Political Participation

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Activity Analysis, Creativity and Playfulness in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Making Play Just Right

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Actus Reus and Participation in European Criminal Law

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Adaptation Through Occupation Multidimensional Perspectives

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Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants

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Advanced Control of AC / DC Power Networks System of Systems Approach Based on Spatio-temporal Scales

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Advances in Occupational, Social, and Organizational Ergonomics

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Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis

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Advancing Theory and Research in Widening Participation

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Aerial Propaganda and the Wartime Occupation of France, 191418

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Affectedness and Participation in International Institutions

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African American Voices A Documentary Reader from Emancipation to the Present

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Agency and Participation in Childhood and Youth International Applications of the Capability Approach...