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A Concise History of American Painting and Sculpture

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A Concise History Of American Painting And Sculpture: Revised Edition

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A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculptures in Wales

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A Host of Devils: The History and Context of the Making of Makonde Spirit Sculpture

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Architectural Sculpture in the Byzantine Negev

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Art And Architecture In Medieval France: Medieval Architecture, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Manuscripts,...

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Art Deco Sculpture

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Art: A History or Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Volume II, REPRINT

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Arts of the Medieval Cathedrals: Studies on Architecture, Stained Glass and Sculpture in Honor of Anne...

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Beginning Sculpture SE

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Casting the Parthenon Sculptures from the Eighteenth Century to the Digital Age

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Contemporary British Ceramics and the Influence of Sculpture: Monuments, Multiples, Destruction and Display

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Contemporary Sculpture

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Contemporary Sculpture and the Critique of Display Cultures: Tainted Goods

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Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, Volume XIII Derbyshire and Staffordshire

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Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture, XII, Nottinghamshire

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David Rabinowitch. The Construction of Vision Arbeiten auf Papier und ausgewhlte Skulpturen 1960-75 Works...

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Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context

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Early Gothic Column-Figure Sculpture in France: Appearance, Materials, and Significance

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Elisabeth Frink Catalogue Raisonne of Sculpture 1947-93

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Elyn Zimmerman Sculpture

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Enric Mestre Ceramic Sculpture

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Figural Sculpture in Eleventh-Century Dalmatia and Croatia: Patronage, Architectural Context, History

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Figuration/Abstraction: Strategies for Public Sculpture in Europe 1945-1968

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Found Sculpture and Photography from Surrealism to Contemporary Art

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French Sculpture Following the Franco-Prussian War, 187080: Realist Allegories and the Commemoration...

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From Rodin to Plensa Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum

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Fugitive Objects: Sculpture and Literature in the German Nineteenth Century

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Gender, Identity and the Body in Greek and Roman Sculpture

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George Fullard Sculpture and Survival