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A Centennial History of the Ecological Society of America

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A Social History of Tennis in Britain

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Bicentennial Essays on Jane Austens Afterlives

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Centennial History of the Carnegie Institution of Washington

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Earthquakes 2006 Centennial Update

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Game-Set-Match A Tennis Guide

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India and the First World War: A Centennial Assessment

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Match Point: Tennis by Martin Parr

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New Modern Chinese Women and Gender Politics: The Centennial of the End of the Qing Dynasty

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Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology, The Centennial Edition

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Post-Colonial National Identity in the Philippines: Celebrating the Centennial of Independence

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Radical Economics and Labour: Essays inspired by the IWW Centennial

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Rereading Byron: Essays Selected from Hofstra University's Byron Bicentennial Conference

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Routledge Handbook of Tennis

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Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics

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Skills, Drills & Strategies for Tennis

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Social Activism in Womens Tennis

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Sorokin and Civilization: A Centennial Assessment

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South Asian Canadian Literature: A Centennial Journey towards Settlement and Citizenship

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Sporting Gentlemen: Men's Tennis from the Age of Honor to the Cult of the Superstar

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The Commonwealth and International Affairs: The Round Table Centennial Selection

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The Tenniel Illustrations to the Alice Books

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The Unfinished Exhibition: Visualizing Myth, Memory, and the Shadow of the Civil War in Centennial America

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"Quick Start 60" Orange Felt Tennis Balls with Slogans - 72 Ball Bucket from Oncourt Offcourt

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12" tall Engraved Crystal Female Tennis Player

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12" x 15" Shadow Box with 6" Male Tennis Oval Casting and Engraved 2" x 5" Plate

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12" x 15" Shadow Box with 6" Oval Women's Tennis Casting and Engraved Plate

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4-3/4" tall Glass Women's Tennis award on Black Marble Base with Engraved Plate